bad breath problem


  About bad breath The bad breath is a common problem which is faced by the individuals. This problem can affect people of any age group. The bad breath is also known as the halitosis and this problem can create serious problems for the individuals affected. The individuals having bad breath are always unwanted and […]

Types of skin Problem

Types of Skin Problems

  The skin diseases are very common because of the changing lifestyles and environmental conditions across the world. The human skin is often sensitive and it reacts to certain conditions, causing different types of skin diseases and problems. Generally, the individuals are caught by the extreme dry and the extreme oily skin conditions. The individuals […]

Itchy Skin Problems

  Itching is a condition where you feel like scratching your skin.The main cause for itchy skin is rashes.But some medical conditions also causes itchy skin.So main thing you have to to see what may be the reason for the itchy skin and take treatment accordingly Here I have listed some of the possible reason […]

Pimple Problems

  About Pimples Pimples are a condition that occurs when the hair follicles and sebaceous glands are affected by certain hormones. As a result, lesions and plugged pores form on the skin. The areas on the body mostly prone to pimples are; Face Back Neck Shoulders and Chest. In spite of pimples not being so […]

Blackhead Problems

  Black Head (women focused) Causes of black head in women The black heads are always undesirable because they spoil the whole beauty of the women face. The women and girls are very much conscious about their facial appearance and the black heads are the biggest problem for women in this connection. The black heads […]

Head Lice Treatments

  These are some special treatments to protect on lice you may enjoy reading. Different Skin type’s : Different skin is allergic to different type of chemicals so if you are planning to use medications, please follow the instructions carefully. Be careful while applying the medications make sure it doesn’t contact your eyes and nose, […]

What Is Lice?

  What Is Lice? (Singular : Louse) Lice are parasites that lives on the skin(specially hair) of human. Humans are the only known hosts of this specific parasite ( there are other types of parasites, that are found on other mamals and birds) Lice have piercing mouthparts and they are found only on mammals (order […]

Types Of Lice

  Lice are tiny, wingless, egg layingparasitic insects. They can only survive on human body. They are very small, pinhead size parasitic, which are living among human hair and feeds on few amount of blood drawn from the scalp. That moment, we can feel a pain. But, it is not a healthy hazard. Lice have […]

Grey Hair Problems

  Premature grey/white hair As you, all have observed that when we grow old our hair turns Grey/white.The color of the hair is due to chemical named melanin produced by pigment cells of a follicle.These pigment cells die gradually when we grow old.For some people have grey hair at very young age.There are many reasons […]

Hair Fall Problems

  Hair loss has become a common problem in people’s life.Some patterns of hair losses are thinning on the crown,receding hairline or thinning through a part. Hair loss in early 30’s has been an issue for many and both men and women are facing this problem.It affects their confidence and effects their personal and professional […]