Black Head (women focused)

Causes of black head in women

The black heads are always undesirable because they spoil the whole beauty of the women face. The women and girls are very much conscious about their facial appearance and the black heads are the biggest problem for women in this connection. The black heads are like a wide opening on the upper layer of the skin and have a blackened mass containing debris. The back heads despite of their name can be dark yellow and brownish in color. In the simplest words, the black heads are known as the little black spots on the pore of the face skin like checks, nose and forehead. The blackheads are actually a mild type of the ache and it has been regarded as the skin disorder. The blackheads can also appear on the shoulders and sometimes on their arms as well. But their hot spot on the women skin are the nose, cheeks and forehead. The blackheads are actually the dead skin cells and are combined with the body’s natural oil, thus the women having more oily skin are the victims of this skin problem.

Why blackheads are formed?

The production of excessive natural body oil is the biggest reason for blackheads among the women.
The intake of some specific drugs like the androgens, the lithium, and corticosteroids can also cause the production of blackheads in the women.
The production of the propionibacterium acne in the women skin can also be a cause of blackheads on the women skin.
When the dead cells of the women are not properly shed away then the women skin becomes the witness of the blackheads.
The intake of birth control pills, the menstruation process and the hormonal changes are also the other common causes for the appearance of blackheads on women and girl’s skin.
These are the general causes for the appearance of the blackheads on the women as well as on the teen age girl’s skin. Actually the oily skin of the women sets a perfect stage for the production of black heads. The skin pores of the women with oily skin are wider than the women with dry skin; this thing also goes in favor of these tiny black spots. The hormonal changes in the women are also one of the biggest and most discussed causes for the appearance of black heads. Actually we can conclude that the different factors react with the skin and create black heads.

How to cure blackheads?

The cure for the blackheads is considered very essential for the women otherwise the skin and the beauty of the women and girls can be affected greatly. Now, many of the women visit spas and salons for the removal of the blackheads. But they appear again and again. In this condition, it most of the women and teen age girls find it difficult to visit the spas and salons. That’s why a very large population of women and girls use the natural ingredients for treating their blackheads. Now, we are going to mention some of the homemade remedies for curing and treating the blackheads.

The baking soda is a natural agent which can purify the human skin. The women can use this natural ingredient for treating their skin. The baking powder can be mixed with mineral water in order to make a thick paste, which can be applied on the affected skin. Regular application of this paste for 5 to 10 minutes a day will purify the skin and the black heads will shed away.
The cinnamon powder and honey can be mixed and applied on the nose, forehead and cheeks in order to prevent and clean the existing blackheads naturally.
The oatmeal with the fresh yogurt can be used on the women in order to make their skin dirt free and hence, the blackheads are prevented and are also cured naturally by making the skin pores neat and clean.
The mixture of salt, lemon juice, honey and fresh yogurt is regarded as one of the best homemade remedies for curing the blackheads. This paste can applied on the affected skin twice a week for visible results. This paste prevents and cures the blackheads both.
A soft toothbrush scrubbing can also clean up the blackheads on the sensitive skin of the women.

The proper sanitation and regular use of the gentle and natural face washes can clean up the women skin effectively, leaving no space for the production of the blackheads. The sanitation has a major role in the prevention of the blackheads because lack of cleaning and sanitation can cause blackheads on women skin. Similarly the food we eat can also trigger the blackheads, so we will shortly discuss some food to eat and not to eat in blackheads. First of all we will mention food items not to eat in blackheads

  • The cow’s milk
  • The increased intake of sugar
  • The fast food like pizza, hot dogs, fried snacks
  • Fast food like burger, French fires
  • High glycemic food items

These mentioned food items can trigger the production of blackheads in the women as they can affect the hormones and hormonal changes result in blackheads. Now, the food to eat in blackheads is discussed.


  • The flax seed and the fish
  • Oysters
  • Increased intake of green tea
  • Fresh juices (not canned)

These above mentioned food items are good for the women in purifying their skin and thus, the production of blackheads can be controlled.



Following mentioned are the main and commonly practiced yoga positions which are used for purifying the skin and thus they can also cure and treat the black heads in a natural manner.

Corpse pose is one of the popular and relied yoga exercises which purify the women skin making it free of acne and the blackheads.
The headstand is the other popular yoga pose which opens the brain cells and is perfect for the bold circulation. In this manner, women can fight their acne as well as the blackheads problem.