What is Dandruff

Dandruff are the small pieces of dead skin in a person’s hair. It is the cracking of dead skin cells from the scalp. Dandruff is not to be confused with a simple dry scalp. Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting just about half of the population at the post pubertal age and of any sex and society. The severity of dandruff may rise and fall with season as it often worsens in winter. Those affected by dandruff, find that can cause social or self-respect problems, signifying treatment for both physiological and psychological reasons.

Dandruff is an itchy and mostly a persistent skin problem in which the scalp produces and sheds new cells at an abnormally fast rate, which results in white flakes (old skin cells) falling from the scalp.

About Dandruff

How to remove dandruff

The dandruff is a fungus called Malassezia furfur. This causes a state of inflammation of the skin which leads to over-turn the Growth of epithelial cells in the escape. Going through this process of rapid scaling skin cells can not detach one by one, invisibly (as normally happens) but the process is much faster cells remain adherent to each other in the form of scales (peeled). It can be classified according to the age at which it occurs, can occur in adults and in infants. The areas most commonly affected by seborrheic dermatitis are areas centrofaciale-brow, middle brow median eyebrow-area, perioral area and scalp.

Dandruff is known as

  • Dandruff in German=Schuppen
  • Dandruff in Spanish or Portuguese= Schuppen Caspa
  • Dandruff in French =Pellicules (in French)
  • الهبرية قشرة الرأس (in Arabic)
  • Перхоть (in Russian)
  • Chaya(in Nepali,Hindi)
  • Forfora (in Italian)
  • 頭垢 (in Japanese)
  • 头皮 (in Chinese)
  • Rushi (in Hindi)

Dandruff In Other Languages

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp ,dandruff are also known as scurf (Flakes on the surface of the skin that form as fresh skin develops below, occurring esp. as dandruff. ) or Pityriasis simplex capillitii, affects the scalp and causes flakes of skin to appear – it is a natural process. Our skin cells renew themselves. When the skin cells on our scalp are renewed the old ones are pushed to the surface and out of the scalp. A person with dandruff has faster skin cells renewal , meaning more dead skin is shed, making the dandruff more noticeable. Even though dandruff is very common, people actually know little about what causes and often relate it to poor hygiene which is not true, Dandruff are not causes by poor hygiene,

Dandruff Myths

  • Dandruff causes hair loss : Fact- Dandruff does not contribute to hair loss.
  • Dandruff causes pimples : Fact- Dandruff are dead cells, has nothing to do with pimples.
  • some people think their dandruff is caused by their scalp being too dry
  • Dandruff are not causes by poor hygiene

Types of Dandruff

It is a common form of skin Atopic dermatitis(is a long-term skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes). that occurs in those parts of the body which has high oil (sebum) production. Body areas that are commonly affected are scalp, ears, face, chest, and folds of skin, underarms,or the skin below breasts, overhanging abdominal folds.

There are three common types of dandruff

  • Fungal Dandruff
  • Vinegar Dandruff
  • Dandruff Caused by products

Survey On Dandruff

With our limited resources and money we have conducted a small survey on dandruff,the result what we have got may not be generalized but it does provide a lot of information regarding dandruff,We have conducted survey with 200 boys and 140 girls,

Survey Data

Dandruff survey

As you can see from the above data; out of 200 boys 55 boys has dandruff and out of 150 girls 53 girls have dandruff,since people with dandruff may not have itchy scalp as dandruff are dead cells and do cause any problem to the hair or head; where as itchy scalp are cause by fungal dandruff which is acutally caused by yeast-like fungus.

Boys And Girls With Dandruff

total precentage of dandruff occurring in men and women

Ignoring the decimal values ; you can see in the above figure the percentage in total for girls and boys having dandruff is same though we have taken 60 more boys in the survey

Get Rid Of Dandruff

There are several ways that can help you in getting rid of dandruff, few of them could give a good result whereas some of them may not depending on your hair and skin conditions, I have selected best ways that can help you prevent, cure, and treat dandruff related problems.

Best Ways to Get rid of dandruff

Aloe Vera for Dandruff free hair

Alovera to get rid of dandruff

Aloe Vera contains vitamins, minerals and more than 200 other active components. Aloe vera contains B12 that helps in maintaining blood and nerve cells. Aloe vera is used in oil, hair cream, and shampoos for a better result in hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall, etc.

Solution: Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp, leave it for 20 minutes then wash your hair with water.

Lemon To avoid Dandruff

Lemon to get rid of dandruff

Lemon contains a rich amount of vitamin C which helps in increasing the overall immune system of your body. It functions as an antioxidant. Lemon can be very useful in treating dandruff problem.

Solution: Boils few lemons(1-2 is enough ) with 1 liter of water for 20 minutes, let it cool down and wash your hair with it, this will treat your dandruff problem.

Baking Soda for getting rid of dandruff

Baking powder to solve dandruff problemBaking soda to get rid of dandruff
NaHCO3 + H+ → Na+ + CO2 + H2O

Backing soda could be used to get rid of dandruff, In many cases baking soda treatment is found to be useful, baking soda is useful in curing other hair problems like hair fall and itchy scalp. This method is quite simple and cost-effective.
Solution: Apply few tsp baking powders on your scalp; massage well for 5-10 minutes, and wash your hair after 20 minutes.

Use Ginger to get rid of dandruff

Ginger to get rid of dandruff
Ginger Contains calcium, fatty acids, and eighteen amino acids, ginger has been used in Indian tradition since recent times. It is also used in ayurvedic medicines. Ginger can be really useful in treating dandruff and other hair related problems.

Ingredients: Ginger,Beet Root

Egg Treatment

Egg to get rid of dandruff

Egg contains many types of Vitamin B’s like B1, B2, B6, and B12, it also contains folate and other important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B1 involved in the release of energy from carbohydrate which is important for brain and nerves. Eggs since they contain rich vitamin B’s are helpful in getting rid of dandruff.

Process: Take two eggs to mix them together and massage your hair for 2-3 minutes, leave it for 20 minutes and wash your hair with water.

Olive oil to treat dandruff problem

Olive oil to get rid of dandruff

Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamins, olive oil is high in calories, it also contains omega-3, palmitoleic acid and other fatty acids in proper proportions that help to reduce bad cholesterol, olive oil is very good for hair so it is used in many medicated shampoos and hair oils. Olive oil has been proven to give quick result in getting of dandruff.
Process: Message your scalp well with olive oil or coconut oil; 20 minutes before going for a bath.

Yogurt treatment for dandruff

Yogurt to get rid of dandruff

Yogurt is a rich source of Vitamin B1, it also contains other Vitamins like B2 and other vitamins, and Yoghurt contains folic acid, Use Yoghurt to keep your hair healthy and dandruff free.

Process: Apply 5-6 tablespoon of Yoghurt and apply on your scalp, leave it for few hours and wash your hair.

Green Tea

Green tea to get rid of dandruff

Green tea is a good source of vitamin B2, Vitamin B2 plays an important part role in energy production. Green Tea has much medical use, it is useful in treating HIV and many types of cancers. However green tea is not recommended for regular use cause it may give you sleeping problems, Green tea does help in preventing dandruff since not much studies have been done on it to date hence it is difficult to predict how quickly it can help you to get rid of dandruff.

Process: Make a paste of green tea powder and apply on your hair leave it for 20-30 mins and wash your hair with clean water.

Gooseberry(Amla) to stop dandruff

Gooseberry is rich in vitamin A, Gooseberry is excellent for skin since vitamin A is essential in collagen production. Amla

It helps in producing Vitamin B complex. One Gooseberry consists of twice amount of Vitamin C contained in an orange, Amla improves the immune system. Gooseberry not only helps in preventing dandruff but it also improves your hairs’ health. Many medicated shampoos use amla as an ingredient.

Ingredients: Gooseberry Powder, Tulsi leaves if available

Solution: Take Gooseberry powder and mix it with tulsi leaves, grind it and apply on your scalp, leave it for 40-60 minutes and wash thoroughly with fresh water. If you couldn’t find tulsi, you may only use Gooseberry powder

Gram flour (besan) to stop dandruff

Gram flour to get rid of dandruff

Gram Flour is a good source of Iron, it contains 25% of iron and 4% calcium and 1% of Vitamin A, It is also rich in vitamin B6. Gram flour can be very useful for dandruff and skin related problems.

Ingredients: Gram Flour, Curd

Solution: Mix gram flour with curd and apply on your scalp, leave it for half an hour and wash your hair thoroughly with water.

Neem Leaves

Neem leaves to get rid of dandruff

Neem Leaves contains 23% of fat and about 21.6% of oil, neem contains rich amount of fatty acid. Neem has been highly valued in Ayurveda for years. Neem leaves can be used to get rid of dandruff. Neem can help to prevent dandruff and make your hair healthier.

Process: Make a fine paste of neem leaves and apply on your hair gently; leave it for 40-50 minutes and wash your hair.

Vitamin B is effective in controlling dandruff

Vitamin to get rid of dandruff

By now you have already come to know what all are good source of vitamin B and most of the method we have mentioned to get rid of dandruff actually contain either Vitamins E or Vitamins B. It is not necessary that you should only apply vitamins B on your hair to get rid of dandruff, you can also consume food that is rich in vitamins Bs . Cheese, Yoghurt, green vegetables, fish, peanuts and fruits are a good source of Vitamins B that you can consume in your daily diet.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil to get rid of dandruff

Coconut oil is very good for hair to grow and to prevent dandruff, apply pure coconut hair oil daily and you will never have dandruff problem.

Anti Dandruff Foods

Foods containing vitamin B6 may help control your dandruff because a lack in B6 can cause dryness. Foods with vitamin B6 include salmon, spinach, turkey, bananas and chicken.


Foods rich in omega-3

Foods rich in omega-3 can also help because omega-3 keeps the skin hydrated, which can avoid the dryness that causes dandruff. Foods containing omega-3 include soybeans, salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, tuna, kidney beans, sardines and navy beans.

Some experts say that dandruff is produced by overgrowth of a tiny fungus called Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale), which stays on our bodies and scalp. Some others say that overgrowth of the Candida yeast is the cause. It has also been said that dandruff can be the body’s way of eliminating excess fats and proteins that are not absorbed. Further, lack of certain nutrients as well as other dietary factors has been attached with dandruff.

However, you can control dandruff by using anti dandruff foods, getting internally to your body to increase nutrient level.

Vitamin B6

High  sugar food
The scalp has a high volume of sebaceous glands which produce skin oils (sebum) to save the scalp and hair. However, more of sebum on the scalp can cause dandruff as the oil nourishes the Pityrosporum ovale fungus, which causes dandruff.

According to many researchers, clinical trials have proved zinc supplementation to be effective at limiting sebum production. Zinc, which needs vitamin B6 for proper consumption in the intestines, is found in a variety of foods, the best sources are poultry, red meat, and oysters.

Legumes, nuts, and grains are good source to Zinc from plant and a different kind than the one found in animal sources. Also, it is not eagerly used by the body. Still, oats are the best source of zinc that the body can easily use. Oats provide zinc which limits sebum production mostly responsible for dandruff.

According to many research gave evidence that a proper intake of the B vitamins, particularly of vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (riboflavin), can help remove dandruff. It has been recommended that inefficient metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates can be one of the reasons of dandruff. B-complex vitamins play a mjor role in metabolic activities.

Additionally, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), found in a variety of foods including fish, poultry, meat, beans, and some vegetables and friuts, can help avoid sugar cravings.


Garlic (Allicin) may help to fight dandruff due to its anti fungal properties. As well as, garlic is having as a habit while feeding; it gives extra benefits to your life. Garlic will be increasing your life time also. Allicin contain mostly in garlic. Allicin is a powerful health promoting compound which is found in garlic, and also in onions. It can release, when the plant is chopped or crushed. It encourages heart and cardiovascular health, reduces high blood pressure, and prevents and treats cancer. It is also advised that allicin could be helpful for people with dandruff due to its anti-fungal characteristics.


Make sure to get lots of zinc, E and B vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and avoid more of yeast and sugar. This might not directly affect the situation of your skin; your overall health will improve with how your body fights with the fungus causing the dandruff.Rather than nutritional supplements, it’s always better to get your vitamins from food. A quick research will detect foods, which you can put together into your diet which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and zinc.Tea tree oil has antibacterial goods that may end the fungus, also keep your scalp moisturized.

Neem leaves treatment

Neem helps in getting rid of dandruff.It has has the antiseptic property, Apply neem leaves paste once on week on your scalp. Neem is a very good home remedy to treat lice and dandruff and many other hair and skin diseases.
Neem leaves
You can purchase a small bottle at from any of the groceries or health food stores. And add 5-6 drops to your normal shampoo. Or, you can just purchase a tea tree oil containing shampoo. When using diet to back the reversal of never-ending skin diseases, most of the dietary suggestions are global in any case of specific identification. Possible removal of gluten or casein along with an anti inflammatory plant-based, whole foods diet, and a chunk of dedication are beginning points for recovery. With inconsiderate dandruff, additional attention on specific micronutrients and probiotic supplements may be gainful. Particular micronutrients with possible healing profits for severe dandruff accommodate sulfur, zinc, selenium, and biotin. Zinc has been adopted by surgeons to back wound healing. Sulfur benefits the body to detoxify. Biotin benefits healthy skin through proper fat generation. Selenium care for cells from free radical bruises and is a commanding antioxidant. Probiotic foods, like yogurt, miso, and probiotic complements benefit the scalp and also help body conduct yeast and yeast overgrowth to avoid dandruff. Wild salmon, button, shiitake mushrooms, sardines and sea vegetables, sea vegetables, peas, sunflower seeds, and spinach are excellent sources of zinc. Add these easily into your diet by adding a spinach salad with canned wild salmon or snacking on a can of sardines with good-quality grainy mustard. Top a brown rice cake with delightful sunflower seed butter or enjoy a cup of green pea soup. Reasonably Swiss chard is the best derivation of biotin. If it’s not included in the spring mix greens you’re as of now using for a quick salad, just add some in. Onions and cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage contains high amount of biotin. Hard-boiled eggs and almonds added to trail mix are easy snacks that raise biotin. Biotin is the best nutrient to avoid dandruff. Cruciferous vegetables are an excellent and easily accessible source of dietary sulfur in extension to other anti-inflammatory nutrients. For the spinach salad with canned salmon, toss in a variety of greens vegetables. Instead of mashed potatoes, cauliflower together with olive oil and roasted turnips, sea salt for a low glycemic, and garlic, and sulfur-rich potato substitute. Garlic and onions also contain high volumes of sulfur. The best way to build in dietary selenium is with Brazil nuts, the best source of selenium. Add two every day to, trail mix, smoothies or coconut yogurt. Sardines, wild salmon, and mustard seeds and sunflower are easily accessible as sources of selenium.


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What Causes Dandruff

Types of dandruff

There are two types of seborrhea: dry and oily, so we can distinguish two major types of dandruff which could be dry or oily:

  • Dry dandruff – simplex Pitiriaziss of the scalp
  • scales are smooth, dry
  • frequent lavage is worse;
  • associated with pruritus;

Oily dandruff – seborrheic dermatitis

fat scales are associated with itching and redness of the scalp.

What causes dandruff

In your way finding the best solution to get out of dandruff problem ; I have list some common causes of dandruff:

  • Brushing your hair regularly:
    High sugar food
    People who do not routinely combs are more likely to get with dandruff. Why? Because brushing it stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and so removes dead cells.
  • Dry Scalp:
    People with dry scalps are more prone to dandruff. Exposure to cold air currents, temperature combined or frequent use of air conditioning in the room can aggravate the tendency of developing dandruff.
  • Hygiene:
    Exposure to pollution and dust can damage your hair and scalp. Scalp hair is affected if it delays cleaning and proper care. The most important are dermatological causes. But there are more serious causes that generate dandruff, dermatologists warn. One is malassezia, a fungus which lives naturally knows the scalp and, if appropriate care should not create problems. However, there are situations such as stress, poor diet or hormonal dysfunction, the fungus grows rapidly, causing strong irritation of the scalp. “It was found that an increasing number of fungi that are part of the normal skin flora can lead to excessive dandruff. Also another cause for dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis. Signs of the disease are red scalp and “oily”, covered by white or yellowish crusts, which can affect other areas of the body sebum. Dermatologist highlights that what favors the onset of dandruff is heredity and chronic diseases, especially those with immune deficiencies, such as AIDS, are often correlated with seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff overproduction (sebum). “Classic” dandruff “appears in a chronic or chronically relapsing conditions, namely, medical called” seborrheic dermatitis “. Scalp may be affected, but as frequently affected eyebrows, eyelids, ears, nose wings, cheeks and chest. Primary cause of the occurrence of this suffering is not completely elucidated, but several known triggers, such as increased sebum secretion of the sebaceous glands or excessive sweating, poor hygiene or inadequate – inadequate shampoos, washing too frequently – wet or cold and dry weather . Supporting statements hairstylist, dermatologist says that important in preventing dandruff is maintaining proper hygiene capillaries. It is worth mentioning that daily washing head is not unhealthy, despite existing myth in our country, that the rate of hair fall could be accelerated by frequent washing head.

Common Dandruff Causes

  • Skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema
  • Dry skin
  • Not enough shampooing
  • Hard shampoos and sensitivity to hair care productss
  • Exposure to severe cold
  • Stress and emotional problems
  • Excessive intake of oily and sweet foods
  • Poor immune system
  • HIV

Dandruff Cause of Some illness

Dandruff may be caused by some Chronic illness (a chronic disease is a disease that is long-lasting or recurrent), Chronic illness spoils immune system. If the immune system is poor it causes more dandruff ; also it is difficult to treat dandruff if a person has Chronic disease.Adults with Parkinson’s disease are more prone to having dandruff.


Some people believe that dandruff may be caused due to not enough shampooing,which may not be true, some people are alergic to chemicals, since shampoo contains chemicals which may not be fit for some people.

Home medications can be done by us to treat dandruff

Drinking Tea and Coffee Can Cause Dandruff

Certain foods and beverages can make worse dandruff. Drinks such as tea and coffee can get worse the dryness that characterizes and causes dandruff because they increase urine and perspiration production, there by lowering natural hydration levels. In addition, excess amounts of saturated fats can get worse dandruff by way of infection. This is because diets that contain excess amounts of saturated fats encourage excessive production of sebum, or skin oils. This oil serves as a breeding ground for fungi, which can causes infections.

Consult your physician before eating a diet rich in potentially dandruff-fighting nutrients. This is because surplus of the nutrients found in these foods can cause side effects. So, too much omega-3 can cause bleeding, which range from nose bleeds to stroke, and too much vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage to your arms and legs.

There is assumption by hair renovation physicians that scalp inflammation can make worse and inhibit healthy hair growth and thus contribute to hair loss and thinning. Some physicians recommend using shampoo two or three times a week to minimize any scalp inflammation. Of course, male pattern baldness is primarily determined by genetics. That is why for most balding men we loose hair on top and still keep our hair on the sides regardless of having dandruff, scalp inflammation or what ever shampoo we use. But reducing scalp inflammation may help reduce the severity of our hair loss or lessening.

As well as, it possible that the increase in scalp oil production which results in dandruff is also closing follicle blockage. It may be that also reduces or prevents proper hair growth or loss of existing hair. Anything that clogs the pores could potentially inhibit healthy hair growth. This is why it is recommended to minimize the use of products such as hair gel for those people losing their hair.

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Itchy Scalp

 itchy scalp
Itchy scalp is one of the common problem that is confronted by the individuals regardless of any weather conditions or locations. Itchy scalp can be due to different reasons like, lack of sanitation, the skin sensitivity, highly dry skin conditions, and bad reaction to any hair care products and so on. The medical experts and researchers have studied the causes responsible for the itchy scalp in detail. There are different causes along with different skin conditions that are collectively responsible for the itchy scalp. In this article we will discuss the causes, symptoms, problems and treatment for the itchy scalp.

Causes of Itchy Scalp

Following are the main causes of the itchy scalp in the normal conditions:

1. Dry Skin Conditions

Dry skin
The main and the most common reason for the itchy scalp are the dry skin conditions . It is a fact that the people with extreme dry scalp or skin type are more exposed to the itchy scalp problems. Dry scalp occurs in people with dry skin type for 3  reasons.

  • One of the reason is the winter season, where body skin and scalp becomes extremely dry due to lack of moisture presence in the environment.
  • Second reason is due to exposure of scalp to hot conditions i,e taking  head bath in hot water leaves scalp dry and increases the chances of itchy scalp condition.
  • Third reason is blow drying your hair after hair wash. which should be completely avoided.

2. lice


Itchy scalp due to head lice are rare secondary infections that result from scratching at bites of  head lice. Head lice are insects with no wings that spends their entire life living on human head and feeding on blood especially human blood.Though head lice are harmless the infections from scratching lice bites leads to heavy infections. People living in the over-crowded areas often complain for the lice infestation problem and thus the itching of the scalp is obvious.

3. Dandruff

strong>Dandruff is the very common and wide spread problem which causes the scalp to itch. The skin cells on the scalp grow and die at a faster rate than normal which fall as white flakes when combed are called dandruff.The individuals confronting to this problem of dandruff have itchy scalp and hair fall problems.

4. Ringworm infections

RingwormTo be clear, ringworm infection is not caused by the ring worm. The ringworm infection is caused by a fungus which infects scalp or skin that results in  itchy, irritating and bald patches on the head .It leads to  thick and circular type of lesions with no hair in the infected area.

5. Bacterial infections

Bacteria in the scalp is found along with other scalp problems. The bacteria is usually present with the fungus and causes inflammation of the hair folliculitis, usually known as the folliculitis which is affected by the bacterial infections. This skin condition causes the scalp itchy, painful and extremely irritating.

6. Contact Dermatitis

DermatitiesThe Contact Dermatitis is one of the most severe problem faced by many people.It is caused by the reaction of chemicals used in some of the hair care products which does not suit to some people.This chemical reaction happens due to the application of some shampoos, hair care lotions and similar products.

7. psoriasis

The Psoriasis problem is the skin disorder which causes reddish, raised and itchy scaly patches.It is also a type of the scalp disease in which the skin is covered with the silvery scales. It can appear as single patch or it can spread your entire head. It can also spread on forehead, back of the neck and ears.

  • The other causes for the itching scalp may include the excessive shampooing and use of different hair dyes, lotions, serums and hair gels. All these are the causes for itching skin.
  • Symptoms of Itchy Scalp

     The itchy scalp is an inflammatory response of the skin beneath the head hair. It is very common among adults. The duration and frequency of itch in the  scalp depends on various causes. It can be dandruff or it can also be inflammation, infection, parasite infestation, allergies and autoimmune disorders. The actual symptoms of the itchy scalp may differ from one individual to another. In several cases,  itchy scalp starts suddenly and vanishes speedily by itself or through minor  allergic reaction of a newly launched hair product.

    Itchy scalp can be due health problems such as hormones imbalance as well.By  identifying the causes and  symptoms certain  health problems  can be cured by medical treatment, such as lupus or hypothyroidism which  is one of the reason for  itchy scalps.

    Following mentioned are the main symptoms for the itchy scalp:

    • The blistering of the skin is a quite common symptom of the itchy scalp which is usually confronted by the individuals.
    • The cracked skin of the scalp is also a symptom for the itching scalp. The skin becomes tight, dry  and is prone to other problems as well.
    • Increased pain sensation on the scalp is also recorded  symptom of the itching scalp. This pain is either felt on the hair follicles or on the scalp skin.
    • The lesions and scores found on the scalp indicate  the symptoms of the itching scalp, due to excessive scratching, lesions or scores are obvious.
    • The extreme cold condition is also believed as a major symptom for the itching skin problem. The itching scalp causes the skin to become very sensitive and thus poor toleration from the cold weather is generally experienced.
    • The stiffness or the joint pains are also the common symptoms of the itching scalp as it has already mentioned in the above discussion.
    • The redness, flaking and cracking of the scalp skin is another common symptom of the itching scalp like of the itching scalp disorder is caused by dandruff or psoriasis.
    • Stress and anxiety are also the reason for having  itching scalp in most of the conditions.

    These are commonly experienced symptoms of the itching scalp. But there are many other symptoms which may be experienced by the individuals under the influence of other skin orders causing the scalp to become itchy, dry and irritated.

    Problems of the Itching Scalp

    The itching scalp is a very annoying problem which is faced by millions of people across the globe. The causes and the symptoms of this skin disorder are already discussed above in detail.The below list describes the different problems associated with the itching scalp. .

    itch scalp problem solution 2
    • The skin infections are likely to be developed due to excessive scratching if the scalp is already in disorder.
    • The affected area, i.e. the scalp will become very much thin and sensitive, causing other skin diseases and problems.
    • The excessive hair loss is also caused due to the itchy scalp. The increasingly scratching and itching of the scalp will make the hair follicles weak and make them to fall excessively.
    • The lesions and the open sores are one of the very serious ad complicated problems of the itchy scalp. The itchy scalp if caused due to the lice infestation causes open sores and lesions are caused by the psoriasis.
    • The hair thinning is another problems arising from the itchy scalp. The hair thinning is generally confronted by the females but the males can also be affected as well.
    • Cellulitis is caused because of the itchy scalp. The cellulitis is a very commonly found skin disorder in which the skin becomes inflammatory and the skin tissues are affected die to fungal or bacterial infections.
    • The problems of stress and anxiety are also the product of the itching scalp. Generally the fear of excessive scalp itching in front of the other people pushes the affected individual into the sensations of embarrassment and leading towards anxiety and stress are generated.
    • The affected individuals are more likely to be reacted to the different hair shampoos because increased and continuous itching, the skin of the scalp becomes very thin and sensitive. In this condition, selecting and using a new hair shampoo becomes a big problem for the people.
    • Continuous irritation and burning sensation is always experienced by the individuals affected by the itchy scalp.
    • The women especially, that are confronted by the problem of itchy scalp are unable to try new styles because the itching, burning and scratching sensation will act as a great difficulty before them to tie up their hair in a particular style.

    These are the general problems that are generated by the itchy scalp. Like the causes and symptoms, the problems arising out of the itchy scalp may also differ on the basis of the disorder due to which the scalp has become itchy.

    Solutions for the Itchy Scalp

    The itchy scalp can surly be treated like the other skin problems.

    The itchy scalp can be treated with the help of the home made remedies and by using  natural ingredients. Now, we will discuss  some of the common methods which helps in curing itchy scalp.

    Lemon juice

    Lemon juice
    The application of the lemon juice on the scalp is regarded as a very effective solution for the itchy scalp. The lemon juice can be mixed with some drops of water and can be applied on the scalp to heal the lesions and sores and stop the itching sensation. Lemon has natural antiseptic properties as well.

    Tea tree oil

    The tea tree oil is regarded as a very natural and useful ingredient. It cointains terpinen-4-ol that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The application of trea tree oil on the scalp can also treat the itching scalp.

    Apple cider vinegar

    Apple vinegar

    The anti-Inflammation properties of the apple cider vinegar are also believed as a very result oriented ingredient which can be used to get rid of the itchy scalp. The apple cider vinegar can be applied on the scalp to eliminate the itchy scalp problem.

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