Grey Hair Problems

Premature grey/white hair

As you, all have observed that when we grow old our hair turns Grey/white.The color of the hair is due to chemical named melanin produced by pigment cells of a follicle.These pigment cells die gradually when we grow old.For some people have grey hair at very young age.There are many reasons for this but most of the times its because of their genes.May be because their father or grandfather also had grey/white hair at very young age.Let’s see the reasons which may cause grey/white hair at very young age.So that you can take precautions

Grey Hair

Reasons for grey hair:

  1. Genes: If your hair turns grey/white early i.e 20 or 30’s or late after your 60’s may because of your genes.Your parents or grandparents may be grown grey/white at that age.Nothing much can be done in this case.
  2. Ethnicity: This also may be a factor .People from the region have grey/white hair at their early age.If you belong to such region then chances of grey hair at an early age will be more.The average age seems to be mid 30’s .In India it average age for grey hair is late 30’s .
  3. Stress:Stress really has major effects on your health.Even though this is a debatable topic but we can’t disagree that stress makes us look older and affects our skin and hair.You may also lose your hair because of stress.
  4. Smoking/Alcohol consumption:Too much of smoking and alcohol consumptions also one of the reasons for premature grey hair
  5. Tea/Coffe consumption:Moderate consumption(2-4 cups) may not effect to your hair color.Although this will not be the big reason for grey hair.But I suggest avoiding excess consumption.
  6. Fried/Oily foods:Unhealthy foods increases chances of prematurely white hair and also hair fall/baldness.Better to avoid too much fried/Oily food.
  7. Less consumption of vitamins:Deficiency of B12 vitamins may lead to graying of hair.Add food in diets which are rich in vitamin B12.Rich vitamin(b12) food is good for the nervous system and red blood cells, in turn, its good for our hair growth.
  8. Thyroid disease:It will effect melanin production in hair and hair starts to turn transparent.This results in grey/white hair.
  9. Iron deficiency: Iron deficiency or anemia leads to insufficient red blood cells.Insufficient blood cells lead to insufficient oxygen transportation to tissues.This will lead to several medical disorder including premature grey hair.
  10. Hair products: Some of the hair product like hairspray or hair gels which are cheap or fake may cause hair damage and discolor your hair.Using right products for your hair is important and excess of using these products should be also avoided.

Remedies and precaution:

  1. Amla or Indian gooseberry:

    You might have already gone through many tv ads of hair oils stressing on the ingredient amla. It is used for the treatment of all kind of hair problems.Remove seed of amla,smash it and make a paste and apply it to your scalp

  2. Coconut oil:
    Coconut oil Massage your head it improves blood circulation.Most of the south Indians apply coconut oil daily and if you have observed them they have good hair growth.
  3. Olive oil:
    Olive oil
    Using olive oil as your cooking oil or warming olive oil and applying to the scalp and massaging also helps to turn your hair black.There are many methods using olive oil.Use a method regularly to see changes.
  4. Almond oil:
    Almond oil
    Almond oil prevents grey hair .Massaging your hair and scalp with almond oil will also prevent dandruff and increases hair growth
  5. Sesame seeds:Sessame oil Massage sesame oil to scalp and include black sesame seeds in your diet.

Hair Fall Problems

Hair loss has become a common problem in people’s life.Some patterns of hair losses are thinning on the crown,receding hairline or thinning through a part.
Hair loss

Hair loss in early 30’s has been an issue for many and both men and women are facing this problem.It affects their confidence and effects their personal and professional life. Some hair loss is temporary and others are permanent

Thinning on the crown: This pattern of baldness is normally seen in men and rarely in women .Hairfall is almost circular in this case and it the thinning increases and a patch of the scalp will appear .

Receding Hairline: Receding hairline has been the big problem.Reasons are many like genes,pollution,stress and hormonal disorders.The hair become thinner and hairline moves backward.

Patchy hair falls:There may be the sudden loss of hair in patches .Before hair loss, you feel itchy .This pattern of hair fall is mostly seen in women.

Reasons for hairfall:

There are many reasons for hair loss .Some of the reasons are listed below

  1. Poor blood supply to hair follicles: Hair follicles which are underneath the scalp die off and there is stop of growth of hair.
  2. Smoking and consumption of alcohol: Yes, you read it right.Smoking not only causes cancer but it affects your hair growth and also causes baldness. It reduces blood supply to hair follicles because of its toxic contents
  3. Ageing:Ageing is also a reason for hair loss.Hair loss due to ageing is permanent.
    Hair fall due to ageing
  4. Unhealthy diet:Diet which not gives essential nutrients and minerals also cause hair loss.
  5. Stress:Stress due to profession or personal issues also adds to the hair loss.
  6. Chemicals:Hair styling gel or colors use a lot of chemicals this will damage your hair.
  7. Sleeping pattern:Irregular sleeping pattern and Lack of sleep changes physical and mental functions of the body resulting stress and hair loss.
  8. Pollution:Toxic gasses released by factories and vehicles affects health of a person causing heart diseases,skin problems,itching and hair fall
  9. Use of hard water for shower: water containing high mineral content mainly calcium and magnesium carbonate is called hard water.Using hard water for shower frequently may cause hair fall.
  10. Daily head shower: This may not be big reason but daily head shower will lead hair dryness.This may lead to hair damage and finally hairfall.

Prevention/control of hair fall:

  1. Yoga is a powerfull tool for prevention of many health disorders.It also helps to reduce hair loss.Asanas like Uttanasana Sasangasana Ustrasana Vajrasana Matsyasana helps to reduce hair fall
  2. Quit smoking and consumption of alcohol:This will reduce your hair fall and also reduces chances of other deadly diseases.
  3. Yoga,head massage and taking a small break when you work will reduce stress.
  4. Avoid using hair styling gel or coloring which may contain chemicals.
  5. Avoid using hair dryers which may damage your hair over time.
  6. Avoid irregular sleeping pattern and being awake unnecessarily till late night.
  7. Cover your head and face where the pollution is high

Curly Hair Problems in Women

Curly hair women
Women are always in search for the new and stylish haircuts, styles and maintaining a perfect glamorous appeal with their hair styles. But unfortunately the curly hair acts as the biggest hurdle in the hair styling of the women and the girls as well. The styling of curly hair for the women specifically is a topic which is discussed frequently by the hair specialists and on various forums. Today the main focus of our discussion is the main confronted by the women due to curly hair and the solutions to those problems. It is a fact that a very huge majority of the women population is facing this problem and is spending a huge amount of money on the hair care and straightening products. But naturally treating the curly hair problem is the only sensible solution and it is effective as well.

curly hair problems for women

Here come the main curly hair problems which are faced by the women, girls and pre-teens in their daily lifestyles.

  • If you possess a curly texture of the hair, then probably you would fear of washing our hair frequently because after washing and managing the curly long hair is something most irritating task of the world. If someone fall asleep juts after washing the curly hair then get ready for something really very hectic to happen because the hair would probably be dried into different dimensions making them difficult to tie.
  • If you have curly hair then unfortunately the front bangs are mot something meant for you. If your hairdresser has mistakenly cut the hair in short length with front bangs then this is the worst thing which has happened to you.
  • Straightening the curly hair is considered as the most frequently used remedy for the women curly hair but, straightening the curly long hair is very time taking and requires a very long time, even several hours. And it’s wastage of precious time.
  • When the women and girls wash their curly hair then they can’t predict that how their hair would look alike after washing. Because the curly hair reacts differently by using different shampoos and conditioners.
  • The teen age girls and socializing women can never make urgent plans of hangouts and social gathering because it would take several hours for proper managing and styling of their hair. The process of how to make wavy hair by applying different products and lotions is also time taking.
  • The girls and women with long curly hair have to use certain type of clips, big catchers and similar accessories to manage their frizzy and bumpy hair. Such accessories may be costly and don’t even provide the required results. The same thing happen when the girls and women frequently purchase imported hair straightening serums and lotions but they never lasts for more than a week. It’s very unfortunate for them.
  • The teen age girls and the women can never wear several styles of funky bandanas and caps with curly hair because the bandanas and the caps or hats can flatten the texture of the hair.
  • Women with long curly hair also face difficulty in selecting the right kind of hair cut which can reduce the intensity of their curls and make them elegant to look. The professional hair styling services may be sometimes too expensive for the women or college going girls.
  • Wearing the little, rich colored and elegant earnings are useless for the women because such accessories can’t be seen by the other individuals due to the big and dense curly hair.
  • Several other problems like going and meeting with the new guys are confronted by the women with curly hair because they feel shy and confused because they are never confident about their looks.

solutions for the curly hair problems

The women curly hair can surely be dealt by the proper care ad using the natural products. The curly hair can be managed by applying certain steps in the valid manner. Now, we are going to mention some tips or solutions with the help of which, the women can solve their curly hair problems.

  • The curly women hair should be dealt with due care and efficiency. Never leave your hair as what they are. Proper care and regular conditioning is essential for protecting the curly hairs. The proper hydration of the curly hair makes them easily manageable.
  • The styling of curly hair also becomes quite easy by applying the high quality conditioners. The application of authentic conditioners will provide a gentle soft touch to the curly hair and the women can straight them easily.
  • The right haircut or styling of the curly hair is very essential. Yes, the women can consult a professional hairstylist and can discuss their hair texture and problem with them.
  • Generally extremely short or long hair is not suggested to the women who have curly hair. The extremely short hair cut would be hard to manage and extremely long length of the curly hair is also difficult to straight and managed.
  • It is a fact that curly hair has more quantity of protein in them and less moisture. In this condition, the curly hair is basically thirst for moisture. Keep them hydrated ad moisture.
  • The question of how to create wavy hair is often asked by the women with curly hair because they regard slightly wavy hair more desirable as compared to the densely curly and coiled hair. They can use the blow dry for this purpose. Excessive blow dry is not suggested.
  • If the women and girls want to enjoy the rain outside or a dive in the ocean then they can apply some conditioner on their curly hair, it will make them under control even after going in the rain or in the sea. The same thing can be done before and after taking the bath.
  • Using oil to control the frizzy hair is not good for the women with curly hair. They can use the oil application or massage just twice in a month not more than this. Because the excessive use of oiling can create problems for curly hair.
  • When the women with curly hair are trying to style their hair, then they can portion their hair into 4 to 5 sections. The division of hair sections will help the women to manage their curly bumpy hair in an effective way.

Curly Hair Problems in Men

Curly hair men
Having curly, coiled or immensely wavy hair is something which is not considered desirable by the men because managing such tangled hair can be very difficult. Almost half population of the world men possess curly or coiled hair and are not satisfied with the texture and look of their hair. This article would address the problems of all such men who are sick and tired of their curly hair problems. First of all it would be right to mention that curly hair is further divided into certain types and textures. The problems rising out from the curly haired men may differ on their own texture and type of curls they naturally possess. Now, we will discuss the main curly hair problems for men and their natural solutions which can prove effective for controlling the frizzy curly hair and can make them manageable.

10 curly hair problems for men

If you have curly dense hair then there are many issues and problems that must be dealt with in order to manage them. The 10 most commonly confronted curly hair problems are mentioned below:

  • First of all styling of the curly hair is very difficult, especially of want to rush to a place in less time. No, doubt, the curly men hair styling require proper time and if you have to arrive somewhere in a short time span then your curly hair can surely give you a tough time.
  • One of the biggest curly hair problems for the men are that they can’t wear helmets and caps while riding a bike or bicycle. Yes, most of the teenagers and adults want to ride bikes but they are unable to wear the helmets as the safety measures because their hair would be flattened and then would be difficult to style again after taking off the helmet. All the time spent on styling their hair would be wasted at once in this way. That’s why helmets are regarded as the biggest enemy for the men with curly hair.
  • Another great problem confronted by the office going men is that they can’t sleep with the wet hair just after taking a bath because their hair will be frizzy and unable to manage. They have to blow dry their hair before sleeping if they want their hair to be managed easily in the next morning.
  • If you have a man with heavily grown curly hair men then you could have surely experienced more humidity around you as compared to the other people. This is another problem for the men with curly hair. They feel more humidity and temperature because of their heavily gown curly hair especially if they have long hair.
  • Combing for the curly hair is something useless until you have tried the gel and mousses on them. Generally the men with curly hair don’t even want to brush or comb their hair because they know that they are just wasting their time. This is very true to some extent because combing and brushing the fully dry hair is useless.
  • Mostly it has been observed that the men with curly hair often face problem of fizzy dried hair.
  • The curly haired men often waste their time and money on the expensive hair gels, mousses and similar hair straightening creams but the results are not desirable. Actually the results of such creams and lotions do not last for a long time and hence they are totally wastage of time and money as well.
  • Most of the men want to follow the latest trends and stylish haircuts can’t fulfill their styling passions because of their fizzy curly hair. The attest styles like the spikes and similar hair styles are not made for the men with curly hair.
  • How to create wavy hair or less curly look is the most common problematic question which is always confronted by the men when they want to attend a formal gathering or any such similar function. Finding and selecting one suitable hair cut either long or extremely short is probably the main issue for the men with curly hair.
  • Curly haired men also hesitate to go and walk in the rain because they are afraid of the horrible look which their hair may give after drying.

10 solutions for the curly hair

  • One of the best ways to manage the curly hair of men is to wash the hair gently. The men with curly hair can wash their hair by putting them forward in the basin. Washing the hair in a forward direction can manage the curly edges of the hair in a better way.
  • Keeping the hair well-moisturized is another great tip, which can be used by the curly haired men to reduce the dryness of their curls.
  • The men can also use yogurt to make their hair curly hair smooth and manageable. Eating yogurt in the daily diet and applying its mixture on the hair before washing can also act as a strong conditioner for the men hair.
  • The men can also brush their wet hair soon after taking a bath for managing and the styling of curly hair.
  • If they are using some kind of hair product to reduce the curls then the way to use such products are to divide the sections. Dividing the curly hair into sections for applying hair care products can be extremely useful especially when the men are having long curly hair.
  • The men having curly hair can avoid oil application on their head because the oil will make their hair difficult to manage. The well-defined curls can control the strange appeal but, oil application can destroy the definition of the curls.
  • The appropriate haircut should be applied on the men with curly hair if they want to create a perfect look for themselves even with the curly hair. They can consult a professional hair stylist in this regard.
  • If you are trying to find out the ways how to create wavy hair and recreate the curls then having a really short haircut can surely help the men really in this regard.
  • Blowing dry the short manly curls very excessively is also not advised because they can damage the shape of the curls. Occasionally the men can have a blow dry of their hair.
  • Scrunching the curly can further create problems for the men with curly hair and also makes them frizzy. The use of vinegar is a good and positive thin which can be used for controlling the frizzy dry look of your curly hair.