Curly hair men
Having curly, coiled or immensely wavy hair is something which is not considered desirable by the men because managing such tangled hair can be very difficult. Almost half population of the world men possess curly or coiled hair and are not satisfied with the texture and look of their hair. This article would address the problems of all such men who are sick and tired of their curly hair problems. First of all it would be right to mention that curly hair is further divided into certain types and textures. The problems rising out from the curly haired men may differ on their own texture and type of curls they naturally possess. Now, we will discuss the main curly hair problems for men and their natural solutions which can prove effective for controlling the frizzy curly hair and can make them manageable.

10 curly hair problems for men

If you have curly dense hair then there are many issues and problems that must be dealt with in order to manage them. The 10 most commonly confronted curly hair problems are mentioned below:

  • First of all styling of the curly hair is very difficult, especially of want to rush to a place in less time. No, doubt, the curly men hair styling require proper time and if you have to arrive somewhere in a short time span then your curly hair can surely give you a tough time.
  • One of the biggest curly hair problems for the men are that they can’t wear helmets and caps while riding a bike or bicycle. Yes, most of the teenagers and adults want to ride bikes but they are unable to wear the helmets as the safety measures because their hair would be flattened and then would be difficult to style again after taking off the helmet. All the time spent on styling their hair would be wasted at once in this way. That’s why helmets are regarded as the biggest enemy for the men with curly hair.
  • Another great problem confronted by the office going men is that they can’t sleep with the wet hair just after taking a bath because their hair will be frizzy and unable to manage. They have to blow dry their hair before sleeping if they want their hair to be managed easily in the next morning.
  • If you have a man with heavily grown curly hair men then you could have surely experienced more humidity around you as compared to the other people. This is another problem for the men with curly hair. They feel more humidity and temperature because of their heavily gown curly hair especially if they have long hair.
  • Combing for the curly hair is something useless until you have tried the gel and mousses on them. Generally the men with curly hair don’t even want to brush or comb their hair because they know that they are just wasting their time. This is very true to some extent because combing and brushing the fully dry hair is useless.
  • Mostly it has been observed that the men with curly hair often face problem of fizzy dried hair.
  • The curly haired men often waste their time and money on the expensive hair gels, mousses and similar hair straightening creams but the results are not desirable. Actually the results of such creams and lotions do not last for a long time and hence they are totally wastage of time and money as well.
  • Most of the men want to follow the latest trends and stylish haircuts can’t fulfill their styling passions because of their fizzy curly hair. The attest styles like the spikes and similar hair styles are not made for the men with curly hair.
  • How to create wavy hair or less curly look is the most common problematic question which is always confronted by the men when they want to attend a formal gathering or any such similar function. Finding and selecting one suitable hair cut either long or extremely short is probably the main issue for the men with curly hair.
  • Curly haired men also hesitate to go and walk in the rain because they are afraid of the horrible look which their hair may give after drying.

10 solutions for the curly hair

  • One of the best ways to manage the curly hair of men is to wash the hair gently. The men with curly hair can wash their hair by putting them forward in the basin. Washing the hair in a forward direction can manage the curly edges of the hair in a better way.
  • Keeping the hair well-moisturized is another great tip, which can be used by the curly haired men to reduce the dryness of their curls.
  • The men can also use yogurt to make their hair curly hair smooth and manageable. Eating yogurt in the daily diet and applying its mixture on the hair before washing can also act as a strong conditioner for the men hair.
  • The men can also brush their wet hair soon after taking a bath for managing and the styling of curly hair.
  • If they are using some kind of hair product to reduce the curls then the way to use such products are to divide the sections. Dividing the curly hair into sections for applying hair care products can be extremely useful especially when the men are having long curly hair.
  • The men having curly hair can avoid oil application on their head because the oil will make their hair difficult to manage. The well-defined curls can control the strange appeal but, oil application can destroy the definition of the curls.
  • The appropriate haircut should be applied on the men with curly hair if they want to create a perfect look for themselves even with the curly hair. They can consult a professional hair stylist in this regard.
  • If you are trying to find out the ways how to create wavy hair and recreate the curls then having a really short haircut can surely help the men really in this regard.
  • Blowing dry the short manly curls very excessively is also not advised because they can damage the shape of the curls. Occasionally the men can have a blow dry of their hair.
  • Scrunching the curly can further create problems for the men with curly hair and also makes them frizzy. The use of vinegar is a good and positive thin which can be used for controlling the frizzy dry look of your curly hair.