There are several ways that can help you in getting rid of dandruff, few of them could give a good result whereas some of them may not depending on your hair and skin conditions, I have selected best ways that can help you prevent, cure, and treat dandruff related problems.

Best Ways to Get rid of dandruff

Aloe Vera for Dandruff free hair

Get rid of dandruff

Aloe Vera contains vitamins, minerals and more than 200 other active components. Aloe vera contains B12 that helps in maintaining blood and nerve cells. Aloe vera is used in oil, hair cream, and shampoos for a better result in hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall, etc.

Solution: Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp, leave it for 20 minutes then wash your hair with water.

Lemon To avoid Dandruff

Get rid of Dabdruff

Lemon contains a rich amount of vitamin C which helps in increasing the overall immune system of your body. It functions as an antioxidant. Lemon can be very useful in treating dandruff problem.

Solution: Boils few lemons(1-2 is enough ) with 1 liter of water for 20 minutes, let it cool down and wash your hair with it, this will treat your dandruff problem.

Baking Soda for getting rid of dandruff

Baking powder to solve dandruff problemGet rid of Dandruff
NaHCO3 + H+ → Na+ + CO2 + H2O

Backing soda could be used to get rid of dandruff, In many cases baking soda treatment is found to be useful, baking soda is useful in curing other hair problems like hair fall and itchy scalp. This method is quite simple and cost-effective.
Solution: Apply few tsp baking powders on your scalp; massage well for 5-10 minutes, and wash your hair after 20 minutes.

Use Ginger to get rid of dandruff

Get rid of Dandruff
Ginger Contains calcium, fatty acids, and eighteen amino acids, ginger has been used in Indian tradition since recent times. It is also used in ayurvedic medicines. Ginger can be really useful in treating dandruff and other hair related problems.

Ingredients: Ginger,Beet Root

Egg Treatment

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Egg contains many types of Vitamin B’s like B1, B2, B6, and B12, it also contains folate and other important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B1 involved in the release of energy from carbohydrate which is important for brain and nerves. Eggs since they contain rich vitamin B’s are helpful in getting rid of dandruff.

Process: Take two eggs to mix them together and massage your hair for 2-3 minutes, leave it for 20 minutes and wash your hair with water.

Olive oil to treat dandruff problem

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamins, olive oil is high in calories, it also contains omega-3, palmitoleic acid and other fatty acids in proper proportions that help to reduce bad cholesterol, olive oil is very good for hair so it is used in many medicated shampoos and hair oils. Olive oil has been proven to give quick result in getting of dandruff.
Process: Message your scalp well with olive oil or coconut oil; 20 minutes before going for a bath.

Yogurt treatment for dandruff

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Yogurt is a rich source of Vitamin B1, it also contains other Vitamins like B2 and other vitamins, and Yoghurt contains folic acid, Use Yoghurt to keep your hair healthy and dandruff free.

Process: Apply 5-6 tablespoon of Yoghurt and apply on your scalp, leave it for few hours and wash your hair.

Green Tea

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Green tea is a good source of vitamin B2, Vitamin B2 plays an important part role in energy production. Green Tea has much medical use, it is useful in treating HIV and many types of cancers. However green tea is not recommended for regular use cause it may give you sleeping problems, Green tea does help in preventing dandruff since not much studies have been done on it to date hence it is difficult to predict how quickly it can help you to get rid of dandruff.

Process: Make a paste of green tea powder and apply on your hair leave it for 20-30 mins and wash your hair with clean water.

Gooseberry(Amla) to stop dandruff

Gooseberry is rich in vitamin A, Gooseberry is excellent for skin since vitamin A is essential in collagen production. Get Rid Of Dandruff

It helps in producing Vitamin B complex. One Gooseberry consists of twice amount of Vitamin C contained in an orange, Amla improves the immune system. Gooseberry not only helps in preventing dandruff but it also improves your hairs’ health. Many medicated shampoos use amla as an ingredient.

Ingredients: Gooseberry Powder, Tulsi leaves if available

Solution: Take Gooseberry powder and mix it with tulsi leaves, grind it and apply on your scalp, leave it for 40-60 minutes and wash thoroughly with fresh water. If you couldn’t find tulsi, you may only use Gooseberry powder

Gram flour (besan) to stop dandruff

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Gram Flour is a good source of Iron, it contains 25% of iron and 4% calcium and 1% of Vitamin A, It is also rich in vitamin B6. Gram flour can be very useful for dandruff and skin related problems.

Ingredients: Gram Flour, Curd

Solution: Mix gram flour with curd and apply on your scalp, leave it for half an hour and wash your hair thoroughly with water.

Neem Leaves

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Neem Leaves contains 23% of fat and about 21.6% of oil, neem contains rich amount of fatty acid. Neem has been highly valued in Ayurveda for years. Neem leaves can be used to get rid of dandruff. Neem can help to prevent dandruff and make your hair healthier.

Process: Make a fine paste of neem leaves and apply on your hair gently; leave it for 40-50 minutes and wash your hair.

Vitamin B is effective in controlling dandruff

Get Rid Of Dandruff

By now you have already come to know what all are good source of vitamin B and most of the method we have mentioned to get rid of dandruff actually contain either Vitamins E or Vitamins B. It is not necessary that you should only apply vitamins B on your hair to get rid of dandruff, you can also consume food that is rich in vitamins Bs . Cheese, Yoghurt, green vegetables, fish, peanuts and fruits are a good source of Vitamins B that you can consume in your daily diet.

Coconut oil

Get Rid Of Dandruff

Coconut oil is very good for hair to grow and to prevent dandruff, apply pure coconut hair oil daily and you will never have dandruff problem.