Premature grey/white hair

As you, all have observed that when we grow old our hair turns Grey/white.The color of the hair is due to chemical named melanin produced by pigment cells of a follicle.These pigment cells die gradually when we grow old.For some people have grey hair at very young age.There are many reasons for this but most of the times its because of their genes.May be because their father or grandfather also had grey/white hair at very young age.Let’s see the reasons which may cause grey/white hair at very young age.So that you can take precautions

Grey Hair

Reasons for grey hair:

  1. Genes: If your hair turns grey/white early i.e 20 or 30’s or late after your 60’s may because of your genes.Your parents or grandparents may be grown grey/white at that age.Nothing much can be done in this case.
  2. Ethnicity: This also may be a factor .People from the region have grey/white hair at their early age.If you belong to such region then chances of grey hair at an early age will be more.The average age seems to be mid 30’s .In India it average age for grey hair is late 30’s .
  3. Stress:Stress really has major effects on your health.Even though this is a debatable topic but we can’t disagree that stress makes us look older and affects our skin and hair.You may also lose your hair because of stress.
  4. Smoking/Alcohol consumption:Too much of smoking and alcohol consumptions also one of the reasons for premature grey hair
  5. Tea/Coffe consumption:Moderate consumption(2-4 cups) may not effect to your hair color.Although this will not be the big reason for grey hair.But I suggest avoiding excess consumption.
  6. Fried/Oily foods:Unhealthy foods increases chances of prematurely white hair and also hair fall/baldness.Better to avoid too much fried/Oily food.
  7. Less consumption of vitamins:Deficiency of B12 vitamins may lead to graying of hair.Add food in diets which are rich in vitamin B12.Rich vitamin(b12) food is good for the nervous system and red blood cells, in turn, its good for our hair growth.
  8. Thyroid disease:It will effect melanin production in hair and hair starts to turn transparent.This results in grey/white hair.
  9. Iron deficiency: Iron deficiency or anemia leads to insufficient red blood cells.Insufficient blood cells lead to insufficient oxygen transportation to tissues.This will lead to several medical disorder including premature grey hair.
  10. Hair products: Some of the hair product like hairspray or hair gels which are cheap or fake may cause hair damage and discolor your hair.Using right products for your hair is important and excess of using these products should be also avoided.

Remedies and precaution:

  1. Amla or Indian gooseberry:

    You might have already gone through many tv ads of hair oils stressing on the ingredient amla. It is used for the treatment of all kind of hair problems.Remove seed of amla,smash it and make a paste and apply it to your scalp

  2. Coconut oil:
    Coconut oil Massage your head it improves blood circulation.Most of the south Indians apply coconut oil daily and if you have observed them they have good hair growth.
  3. Olive oil:
    Olive oil
    Using olive oil as your cooking oil or warming olive oil and applying to the scalp and massaging also helps to turn your hair black.There are many methods using olive oil.Use a method regularly to see changes.
  4. Almond oil:
    Almond oil
    Almond oil prevents grey hair .Massaging your hair and scalp with almond oil will also prevent dandruff and increases hair growth
  5. Sesame seeds:Sessame oil Massage sesame oil to scalp and include black sesame seeds in your diet.