Hair loss has become a common problem in people’s life.Some patterns of hair losses are thinning on the crown,receding hairline or thinning through a part.
Hair loss

Hair loss in early 30’s has been an issue for many and both men and women are facing this problem.It affects their confidence and effects their personal and professional life. Some hair loss is temporary and others are permanent

Thinning on the crown: This pattern of baldness is normally seen in men and rarely in women .Hairfall is almost circular in this case and it the thinning increases and a patch of the scalp will appear .

Receding Hairline: Receding hairline has been the big problem.Reasons are many like genes,pollution,stress and hormonal disorders.The hair become thinner and hairline moves backward.

Patchy hair falls:There may be the sudden loss of hair in patches .Before hair loss, you feel itchy .This pattern of hair fall is mostly seen in women.

Reasons for hairfall:

There are many reasons for hair loss .Some of the reasons are listed below

  1. Poor blood supply to hair follicles: Hair follicles which are underneath the scalp die off and there is stop of growth of hair.
  2. Smoking and consumption of alcohol: Yes, you read it right.Smoking not only causes cancer but it affects your hair growth and also causes baldness. It reduces blood supply to hair follicles because of its toxic contents
  3. Ageing:Ageing is also a reason for hair loss.Hair loss due to ageing is permanent.
    Hair fall due to ageing
  4. Unhealthy diet:Diet which not gives essential nutrients and minerals also cause hair loss.
  5. Stress:Stress due to profession or personal issues also adds to the hair loss.
  6. Chemicals:Hair styling gel or colors use a lot of chemicals this will damage your hair.
  7. Sleeping pattern:Irregular sleeping pattern and Lack of sleep changes physical and mental functions of the body resulting stress and hair loss.
  8. Pollution:Toxic gasses released by factories and vehicles affects health of a person causing heart diseases,skin problems,itching and hair fall
  9. Use of hard water for shower: water containing high mineral content mainly calcium and magnesium carbonate is called hard water.Using hard water for shower frequently may cause hair fall.
  10. Daily head shower: This may not be big reason but daily head shower will lead hair dryness.This may lead to hair damage and finally hairfall.

Prevention/control of hair fall:

  1. Yoga is a powerfull tool for prevention of many health disorders.It also helps to reduce hair loss.Asanas like Uttanasana Sasangasana Ustrasana Vajrasana Matsyasana helps to reduce hair fall
  2. Quit smoking and consumption of alcohol:This will reduce your hair fall and also reduces chances of other deadly diseases.
  3. Yoga,head massage and taking a small break when you work will reduce stress.
  4. Avoid using hair styling gel or coloring which may contain chemicals.
  5. Avoid using hair dryers which may damage your hair over time.
  6. Avoid irregular sleeping pattern and being awake unnecessarily till late night.
  7. Cover your head and face where the pollution is high