itchy scalp
Itchy scalp is one of the common problem that is confronted by the individuals regardless of any weather conditions or locations. Itchy scalp can be due to different reasons like, lack of sanitation, the skin sensitivity, highly dry skin conditions, and bad reaction to any hair care products and so on. The medical experts and researchers have studied the causes responsible for the itchy scalp in detail. There are different causes along with different skin conditions that are collectively responsible for the itchy scalp. In this article we will discuss the causes, symptoms, problems and treatment for the itchy scalp.

Causes of Itchy Scalp

Following are the main causes of the itchy scalp in the normal conditions:

1. Dry Skin Conditions

Dry skin
The main and the most common reason for the itchy scalp are the dry skin conditions . It is a fact that the people with extreme dry scalp or skin type are more exposed to the itchy scalp problems. Dry scalp occurs in people with dry skin type for 3  reasons.

  • One of the reason is the winter season, where body skin and scalp becomes extremely dry due to lack of moisture presence in the environment.
  • Second reason is due to exposure of scalp to hot conditions i,e taking  head bath in hot water leaves scalp dry and increases the chances of itchy scalp condition.
  • Third reason is blow drying your hair after hair wash. which should be completely avoided.

2. lice


Itchy scalp due to head lice are rare secondary infections that result from scratching at bites of  head lice. Head lice are insects with no wings that spends their entire life living on human head and feeding on blood especially human blood.Though head lice are harmless the infections from scratching lice bites leads to heavy infections. People living in the over-crowded areas often complain for the lice infestation problem and thus the itching of the scalp is obvious.

3. Dandruff

strong>Dandruff is the very common and wide spread problem which causes the scalp to itch. The skin cells on the scalp grow and die at a faster rate than normal which fall as white flakes when combed are called dandruff.The individuals confronting to this problem of dandruff have itchy scalp and hair fall problems.

4. Ringworm infections

RingwormTo be clear, ringworm infection is not caused by the ring worm. The ringworm infection is caused by a fungus which infects scalp or skin that results in  itchy, irritating and bald patches on the head .It leads to  thick and circular type of lesions with no hair in the infected area.

5. Bacterial infections

Bacteria in the scalp is found along with other scalp problems. The bacteria is usually present with the fungus and causes inflammation of the hair folliculitis, usually known as the folliculitis which is affected by the bacterial infections. This skin condition causes the scalp itchy, painful and extremely irritating.

6. Contact Dermatitis

DermatitiesThe Contact Dermatitis is one of the most severe problem faced by many people.It is caused by the reaction of chemicals used in some of the hair care products which does not suit to some people.This chemical reaction happens due to the application of some shampoos, hair care lotions and similar products.

7. psoriasis

The Psoriasis problem is the skin disorder which causes reddish, raised and itchy scaly patches.It is also a type of the scalp disease in which the skin is covered with the silvery scales. It can appear as single patch or it can spread your entire head. It can also spread on forehead, back of the neck and ears.

  • The other causes for the itching scalp may include the excessive shampooing and use of different hair dyes, lotions, serums and hair gels. All these are the causes for itching skin.
  • Symptoms of Itchy Scalp

     The itchy scalp is an inflammatory response of the skin beneath the head hair. It is very common among adults. The duration and frequency of itch in the  scalp depends on various causes. It can be dandruff or it can also be inflammation, infection, parasite infestation, allergies and autoimmune disorders. The actual symptoms of the itchy scalp may differ from one individual to another. In several cases,  itchy scalp starts suddenly and vanishes speedily by itself or through minor  allergic reaction of a newly launched hair product.

    Itchy scalp can be due health problems such as hormones imbalance as well.By  identifying the causes and  symptoms certain  health problems  can be cured by medical treatment, such as lupus or hypothyroidism which  is one of the reason for  itchy scalps.

    Following mentioned are the main symptoms for the itchy scalp:

    • The blistering of the skin is a quite common symptom of the itchy scalp which is usually confronted by the individuals.
    • The cracked skin of the scalp is also a symptom for the itching scalp. The skin becomes tight, dry  and is prone to other problems as well.
    • Increased pain sensation on the scalp is also recorded  symptom of the itching scalp. This pain is either felt on the hair follicles or on the scalp skin.
    • The lesions and scores found on the scalp indicate  the symptoms of the itching scalp, due to excessive scratching, lesions or scores are obvious.
    • The extreme cold condition is also believed as a major symptom for the itching skin problem. The itching scalp causes the skin to become very sensitive and thus poor toleration from the cold weather is generally experienced.
    • The stiffness or the joint pains are also the common symptoms of the itching scalp as it has already mentioned in the above discussion.
    • The redness, flaking and cracking of the scalp skin is another common symptom of the itching scalp like of the itching scalp disorder is caused by dandruff or psoriasis.
    • Stress and anxiety are also the reason for having  itching scalp in most of the conditions.

    These are commonly experienced symptoms of the itching scalp. But there are many other symptoms which may be experienced by the individuals under the influence of other skin orders causing the scalp to become itchy, dry and irritated.

    Problems of the Itching Scalp

    The itching scalp is a very annoying problem which is faced by millions of people across the globe. The causes and the symptoms of this skin disorder are already discussed above in detail.The below list describes the different problems associated with the itching scalp. .

    itch scalp problem solution 2
    • The skin infections are likely to be developed due to excessive scratching if the scalp is already in disorder.
    • The affected area, i.e. the scalp will become very much thin and sensitive, causing other skin diseases and problems.
    • The excessive hair loss is also caused due to the itchy scalp. The increasingly scratching and itching of the scalp will make the hair follicles weak and make them to fall excessively.
    • The lesions and the open sores are one of the very serious ad complicated problems of the itchy scalp. The itchy scalp if caused due to the lice infestation causes open sores and lesions are caused by the psoriasis.
    • The hair thinning is another problems arising from the itchy scalp. The hair thinning is generally confronted by the females but the males can also be affected as well.
    • Cellulitis is caused because of the itchy scalp. The cellulitis is a very commonly found skin disorder in which the skin becomes inflammatory and the skin tissues are affected die to fungal or bacterial infections.
    • The problems of stress and anxiety are also the product of the itching scalp. Generally the fear of excessive scalp itching in front of the other people pushes the affected individual into the sensations of embarrassment and leading towards anxiety and stress are generated.
    • The affected individuals are more likely to be reacted to the different hair shampoos because increased and continuous itching, the skin of the scalp becomes very thin and sensitive. In this condition, selecting and using a new hair shampoo becomes a big problem for the people.
    • Continuous irritation and burning sensation is always experienced by the individuals affected by the itchy scalp.
    • The women especially, that are confronted by the problem of itchy scalp are unable to try new styles because the itching, burning and scratching sensation will act as a great difficulty before them to tie up their hair in a particular style.

    These are the general problems that are generated by the itchy scalp. Like the causes and symptoms, the problems arising out of the itchy scalp may also differ on the basis of the disorder due to which the scalp has become itchy.

    Solutions for the Itchy Scalp

    The itchy scalp can surly be treated like the other skin problems.

    The itchy scalp can be treated with the help of the home made remedies and by using  natural ingredients. Now, we will discuss  some of the common methods which helps in curing itchy scalp.

    Lemon juice

    Lemon juice
    The application of the lemon juice on the scalp is regarded as a very effective solution for the itchy scalp. The lemon juice can be mixed with some drops of water and can be applied on the scalp to heal the lesions and sores and stop the itching sensation. Lemon has natural antiseptic properties as well.

    Tea tree oil

    The tea tree oil is regarded as a very natural and useful ingredient. It cointains terpinen-4-ol that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The application of trea tree oil on the scalp can also treat the itching scalp.

    Apple cider vinegar

    Apple vinegar

    The anti-Inflammation properties of the apple cider vinegar are also believed as a very result oriented ingredient which can be used to get rid of the itchy scalp. The apple cider vinegar can be applied on the scalp to eliminate the itchy scalp problem.

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