Itching is a condition where you feel like scratching your skin.The main cause for itchy skin is rashes.But some medical conditions also causes itchy skin.So main thing you have to to see what may be the reason for the itchy skin and take treatment accordingly Here I have listed some of the possible reason for the itchy skin


Reasons for Itchy skin:

  1. Rashes: There is an abnormal change in color in the skin .Due to infections caused by fungal,bacterial or viral rashes are caused These rashes cause itchiness.Normally they last for few days.But if it is observed more than a week then should be consulted to the doctor.
  2. Skin cosmetics: You may be allergic for some skin products using like soaps,detergents or other cosmetics.These skin products contain chemical and you may be prone to itching and some other skin disease.Even excess usage of deodorants or perfume causes skin itching or rashes .
  3. Food:Some people may be allergic to some food ingredient which may cause itchy skin.Intake of such food may lead to rashes and irritation of the skin.
  4. Drugs:Medication using like antibiotics or others which may be a cause for itchy skin.Some reactions from these drugs may cause skin itching.
  5. Insect bites:Bites caused by mosquitoes and other flies will cause the skin to itch immediately.Bites from ants and spider also cause itchy skin. Some spider bites are poisonous and may cause death.Bee and wasp sting cause swelling and itchy skin.
  6. .Sunburn:Skin damage is caused by Ultraviolet rays from the sun or maybe some other UV sources when your skin is exposed to it for a period of time.When you get a severe sunburn you may face skin irritation and also swell..
  7. Diseases:Diseases like liver disease,thyroid diseases, leukemia,anemia and kidney diseases may cause irritation in the skin and may results in itchy skin.
  8. Pregnancy: Normally 25% of pregnant woman feel itchy over the bump,knees and breast.In most cases, it will never cause harm to the baby .Try to cut down skin products and moisturize well.
  9. Aging: When you are old it is seen that moisture content of skin is low and its seems to be very dry and also skin gets cracked and appears rough.So the dry and rough skin may lead to irritation of the skin and will feel like scratching.
  10. Pets:Lick from pets like dogs and cats may cause allergy or pet hair which carries dust and pollen may the reason for itchy skin.Fur of pets may be allergic to some people having asthma or allergic.

Remedies and precaution:

  1. Neem oil or leaves:
    Neem fights bacteria and other fungal infections .It is proved scientifically that neem is good to improve your skin.You can boil neem leaves in water and use it for a bath.It relieves itching and other skin problems.It is also used to cure chicken pox
  2. Tulsi leaves:
    They reduce skin irritation.Rub tulsi leaf on area where there is itching and this will give you relief and reduce the itching.
  3. Insect bites:
    Don’t move as it spreads venom try to remove the stinger if it is there.To reduce itching keep ice or cold water on affected area for 10-15 minutes once an hour for the first 5-6 hours.