Dandruff are the small pieces of dead skin in a person’s hair. It is the cracking of dead skin cells from the scalp. Dandruff is not to be confused with a simple dry scalp. Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting just about half of the population at the post pubertal age and of any sex and society. The severity of dandruff may rise and fall with season as it often worsens in winter. Those affected by dandruff, find that can cause social or self-respect problems, signifying treatment for both physiological and psychological reasons.

Dandruff is an itchy and mostly a persistent skin problem in which the scalp produces and sheds new cells at an abnormally fast rate, which results in white flakes (old skin cells) falling from the scalp.

About Dandruff

How to remove dandruff

The dandruff is a fungus called Malassezia furfur. This causes a state of inflammation of the skin which leads to over-turn the Growth of epithelial cells in the escape. Going through this process of rapid scaling skin cells can not detach one by one, invisibly (as normally happens) but the process is much faster cells remain adherent to each other in the form of scales (peeled). It can be classified according to the age at which it occurs, can occur in adults and in infants. The areas most commonly affected by seborrheic dermatitis are areas centrofaciale-brow, middle brow median eyebrow-area, perioral area and scalp.

Dandruff is known as

  • Dandruff in German=Schuppen
  • Dandruff in Spanish or Portuguese= Schuppen Caspa
  • Dandruff in French =Pellicules (in French)
  • الهبرية قشرة الرأس (in Arabic)
  • Перхоть (in Russian)
  • Chaya(in Nepali,Hindi)
  • Forfora (in Italian)
  • 頭垢 (in Japanese)
  • 头皮 (in Chinese)
  • Rushi (in Hindi)

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp ,dandruff are also known as scurf (Flakes on the surface of the skin that form as fresh skin develops below, occurring esp. as dandruff. ) or Pityriasis simplex capillitii, affects the scalp and causes flakes of skin to appear – it is a natural process. Our skin cells renew themselves. When the skin cells on our scalp are renewed the old ones are pushed to the surface and out of the scalp. A person with dandruff has faster skin cells renewal , meaning more dead skin is shed, making the dandruff more noticeable. Even though dandruff is very common, people actually know little about what causes and often relate it to poor hygiene which is not true, Dandruff are not causes by poor hygiene,

Dandruff Myths

  • Dandruff causes hair loss : Fact- Dandruff does not contribute to hair loss.
  • Dandruff causes pimples : Fact- Dandruff are dead cells, has nothing to do with pimples.
  • some people think their dandruff is caused by their scalp being too dry
  • Dandruff are not causes by poor hygiene

Types of Dandruff

It is a common form of skin Atopic dermatitis(is a long-term skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes). that occurs in those parts of the body which has high oil (sebum) production. Body areas that are commonly affected are scalp, ears, face, chest, and folds of skin, underarms,or the skin below breasts, overhanging abdominal folds.

There are three common types of dandruff

  • Fungal Dandruff
  • Vinegar Dandruff
  • Dandruff Caused by products

Survey On Dandruff

With our limited resources and money we have conducted a small survey on dandruff,the result what we have got may not be generalized but it does provide a lot of information regarding dandruff,We have conducted survey with 200 boys and 140 girls,

Survey Data

Dandruff survey

As you can see from the above data; out of 200 boys 55 boys has dandruff and out of 150 girls 53 girls have dandruff,since people with dandruff may not have itchy scalp as dandruff are dead cells and do cause any problem to the hair or head; where as itchy scalp are cause by fungal dandruff which is acutally caused by yeast-like fungus.

Boys And Girls With Dandruff

total precentage of dandruff occurring in men and women

Ignoring the decimal values ; you can see in the above figure the percentage in total for girls and boys having dandruff is same though we have taken 60 more boys in the survey